Thursday, 17 March 2011

donne, dududu.

il mio piccolo contributo al libro "l'altra metà dell'unità" sulle donne del risorgimento. Un progetto realizzato da illustratrici italiane e patrocinato dalla provincia di Cosenza. Questa qui si chiamava Caterina Baracchini, assistì i feriti della repubblica.
per info sul progetto intero vedete qui.


my contribution to the book "the other half of the unification", on the women that contributed to Italy's unification 150 years ago today. The project is carried out by italian she-illustrators and sponsored by the City of Cosenza. This gal was Caterina Baracchini, she assisted the wounded of the republic. for info on the exhibition, see here.


Claire said...

you always capture so much personality in your illustrations... i'm in awe :)
and what a great project!

baboucherouge said...

thanks claire, yes it's a great project, i can't wait to see the other women in the exhibition!

Anonymous said...

come back soon.
draw something for a word and a picture. please.

b. cakes

Marta Bilecka said...

Hi, I like your fresh and sophisticated way of drawing! It`s really unusual :]