Monday 10 October 2011


some of you are still coming here, but you should look here instead!


alcuni di voi continuano a venire qui, mentre dovreste andare a vedere qui!


ayelet gad said...

hi felicita.

it is still so beautiful and so inspiring to look here too..
and although u see yourself in a new platform now, (the new blog is so great and poetic, i simply LOVE everything that u do..), i keep coming back here, to see the old illu´s. they give me so much pleasure.
thank you so much,
have a great rest of the week, ayelet

felicita said...

you know ayelet, i come here too sometimes, and to the blog i had before, it's like looking through old photos and letters and thinking about previous chunks of your life!
the new blog needs time to build up that strata of life and new illustrations! have a great one! f.